Sportbladet’s Early V75 Thought: Micke Korhonen Tips and Shouts for V75 in Åby, Saturday 9 December

Sportbladet’s Early V75 thought: Micke Korhonen tips, shouts and counter offers for V75 in Åby, Saturday 9 December

Published 2023-12-04 10.24

Beartime is an early V75 shell together with Carl Johan Jepson. Photo: Lars Jakobsson, Lena Emmoth/Tr Media

On Saturday, V75 is run in Åby.

The round has a stoppage at 16.20 on December 9.

Here is Sportbladet’s Early V75 thought with Micke Korhonen.

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Here you back Sportbladet’s V75 system:

arrow ADVERTISEMENT: V75 on Saturday. Here you can hook up to the “Sportbladets Tidiga V75-tanke” system. Game stop: 16.20. [Extern länk]

check Micke Korhonen’s V75 tips:

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Saturday’s V75 looks grippable. There are five possible nail bids and hopefully we have chosen the right trio to build the system around.

The one we believe in most for the weekend is 1 Luca Barosso (V75-2) who is unbeaten over the current distance, four out of four from the lead and always races with shoes around. From track one, we believe in tip and tail.

3 Need’em (V75-4) is used to much tougher resistance than this and last time showed that shoes around do not present any major concerns. Daniel Redén’s contribution should find its way to the top again and does not yet know how it feels to lose from the favorite position after four attempts.

8 Pellini Sangria (V75-6) racks up the wins and meets significantly easier opposition than on the last visit to Sweden. Crushing everything?

check Three best rattlers

7 Ninja Zone (V75-1) has taken seven of his eight career victories with shoes all around. Last time she had no chance against Unleashed Kemp, but was then rudely interfered with in the race. She probably lost her will then and there. In the starts before, Ninja Zon has occasionally shown dazzling paces and will be counted on in the sprint if the driver finds a sensible hitting position. Watch out!

Four Guys Dream will probably be the clear favorite in the top class and we see nothing wrong with that, but since we choose to guard the race, it is necessary to work in a bigger model. Why not shapely 3 Beartime (V75-3) who always competes with shoes all around and some time ago was brilliantly second behind Power? In the beaten field then? Top horses like Aetos Kronos, Borups Victory, Brother Bill, High on Pepper and a certain… Hail Mary. We warn of storms!

8 Dominic Wibb (V75-7) is certainly winless after twelve attempts over longer distances, but he is in great shape for the day. On his last visit to Åby, he won almost 70 times!

check Early V75 system

Avd 1: 1–9–5–3–2–7–8–11–6–10 (4–12)

Avd 2: 1 Luca Barosso (3–8)

Avd 3: 10–4–3–7–1–8–6–2–11 (12–9)

Avd 4: 3 Need’em (11–2)

Avd 5: 6–9–8–1–2–7 (3–10)

Avd 6: 8 Pellini Sangria (2–11)

Avd 7: 4–6–12–8 (2–11)

2,160 rows/DKK 1,080

check The DD system

DD-1: 8 Pellini Sangria

DD-2: 4–6–12–8

4 rader

Here you back Sportbladet’s V75 system:

arrow ADVERTISEMENT: V75 on Saturday. Here you can hook up to the “Sportbladets Tidiga V75-tanke” system. Game stop: 16.20. [Extern länk]

check V75–1


Unleashed Kemp in the ninth start under the direction of Daniel Redén finally finally put the finishing touches on the i. Kihlström gave her a nice ride and when the hatch came the bomb exploded! Sure, the opposition wasn’t the toughest, but the impression was good. She has never yet taken the lead on Swedish soil, but maybe now is the time? Regardless of whether Örjan chooses point or back the leader appears in the target photo. The question mark? The shoes.


Glorius Rain is fundamentally a better horse than our tipsetta and would have been a nail bid with a leading position. The horse was very nice last time and is in great shape! Filippa BJ has taken all nine wins on Swedish soil with the shoes on. However, she hasn’t won over middle distance in almost exactly a year… Quick out! Donna Summer and Mary Ann Lane is also crossed out early.

Horrible bid

Raisin Ninja Zone and Olga Street despite boring situations!


Many launchers behind the car. Unleashed Kemp?

! The statistics winner

Filippa BJ.

check Our ranking

1 Unleashed Kemp

9 Glorius Rain

5 Filippa BJ

3 Donna Summer

2 Mary Ann Lane

7 Ninja Zone

8 Olga Street

11 Stens Retention

6 Carroty

10 Bold Face

4 Omega Superstar

12 Benita Winner

check V75–2


Not the very highest class at this race and when the best horse on paper was lucky in the track draw, we choose to nail it. Victory habit Luca Barosso decided the hard way last time and showed good morale. We only see the distance as a plus and he benefits greatly from the barefoot ban! Top chance to tip and finish.


Rustic won from the front last time and was good. Tougher against now, but should the presumed favorite relapse into old galloping sins, the road to the top is open. Vancouver High feels hot here. He tries to keep Luca Barosso’s back from the start and should he succeed — yes, then it will be off on the open stretch! Classic Saar admittedly not enough on the V75 last time it went but looked willing to go for the victory the next time. Moira Boko is one of one over 2,640. Can strike.

Horrible bid

Rajon gets Kihlström back in the wagon. Screaming at pace?


Luca Barosso it will not be easy to sniff the lead.

! The statistics winner

Luca Barosso.

check Our ranking

1 Luca Barosso

3 Rustic

8 Vancouver High

10 Classic Saar

7 Moira Boko

9 Rajon

6 Denco’s Ozzy O.

12 Calling Out

4 Discotheque

11 Redford

5 Sten’s Will

2 Akal Face

check V75–3


Four Guys Dream is back in good old fashion. Last time he bowled with the competitors from the front and the time before he sprinted down Emoji in top time. Back tracks now and barefoot bans are obviously not factors in his favor, but after all he has done well with shoes in the past (eight career wins). The opposition does not deter and of course there should be a good chance.


We think we’ve found better nail suggestions and choose Four Guys Dream. Emoji were valiant behind our first when they met last month. Ultion Face is underway, Stoletheshow also. One such as Old Leonardo can have the race run down your throat from the inside. Dexter Chatho lit up last summer and surprised very positively in a few starts. Not the same shape now?

Horrible bid

Beartime is the funniest prankster of the whole round.


Heart of Steel is eight out of ten in the lead on Swedish soil. We guess it might be time to drive there on Saturday.

! The statistics winner

Heart of Steel.

check Our ranking

10 Four Guys Dream

4 Emoji

3 Beartime

7 Ultion Face

1 Old Leonardo

8 Stoletheshow

6 Dexter Chatho

2 Heart of Steel

11 Master Boko

12 Digital Dominance

9 Sweetman

5 Osterc

Here you back Sportbladet’s V75 system:

arrow ADVERTISEMENT: V75 on Saturday. Here you can hook up to the “Sportbladets Tidiga V75-tanke” system. Game stop: 16.20. [Extern länk]

check V75–4


After the track draw, the chances of winning increased dramatically for Need’em who comes with a fresh victory in the bag. Then, just like on Saturday, he raced with shoes all around, tracking every meter. From tile three, and with slow-starting competitors on the inside, the way is open to yet another leading victoria. Top chance.


Here’s Johnny Sox is in the form of his life and was very good at V75 last time. From track eleven, however, it has to flap and if our spike decides to be in the lead, it won’t be easy to catch up. Soundtrack is a tough guy who sits in second place right away. Last time he was entered but still won. Can I do the rough work on Saturday? Feels good with shoes. Hashtag Simoni is hardly fast enough to challenge for the lead. Ports where? Global Delayed chasing revenge for the starting gallop last time.

Horrible bid

Jax Journey has taken all his winnings with shoes.


Need’em normally rushes to the lead.

! The statistics winner


check Our ranking

3 Need’em

11 Here’s Johnny Sox

2 Soundtrack

1 Hashtag Simoni

10 Global Delayed

6 Belgium

8 Jax Journey

4 Staro How Many

12 Global Bam Bautin

5 Myrsjös Timeout

7 Massine

9 Iconic

check V75–5


Henrik Will won a Class I trial in impressive style the last time he visited Sweden. Then, just like now, over a short distance. He has since strengthened his position as one of Denmark’s best four-year-olds. He clocked 12.1 over the middle distance this summer and did it with his shoes on. Last time he was alone on the field and despite good opposition, he is now the given tip.


The Baron has looked dazzling in straight wins. It’s a shame about the back track, but the “Baron” goes great even in ridges and can explode around the competitors again. Purple Rain makes his debut on Swedish soil but has been beaten by former Elitloppstrean Mister F.Daag at home. Easier now. Old Peanut is fast out. Danaus of the Gods mixes and gives. If he is as good as when he won last time, he will be fine here.

Horrible bid

Combat Fighter is hard to judge but knows a lot.


Old Peanut has won five races from the front. Loading!

! The statistics winner

Old Peanut.

check Our ranking

6 Henrik Will

9 The Baron

8 Purple Rain

1 Old Peanut

2 Danaus of the Gods

7 Combat Fighter

3 Grandpa’s Dream

10 Frankie Godiva

4 Kim B.R.

11 Special Top Secret

5 Forever Shadow

12 Special Topmodel

check V75–6


Wide open. One dash or many. We are strong chance nails Sangria Pellini. Crushing everything?


Be Brighter Zon find to tip? Jane Hall is underway. Rosemary Tile was delicious last time! Jurist the reg.

Horrible bid

Japiro Queen.


Be Brighter Zon in battle with No. 4 and 6?

! The statistics winner

Sangria Pellini.

check Our ranking

8 Pellini Sangria

2 Be Brighter Zon

11 Jane Hall

12 Rosemary Tile

9 Jurist

15 Bikana Wine

10 Japiro Queen

6 Corona Park

4 Kings Witch

14 Daytona Roc

7 Tasherit

13 Golden Opportunity

3 Uberty Face

1 Majors Rose

5 This Miss Deiha

check V75–7


Here it can explode! However, we can only afford four dashes. The tip to Versace Face which opens quite well and maybe can drive to the top after a bit? He has been in that position ten times and has never been worse than third. The distance fits like a glove and the majority of career victories are taken with shoes all around.


Even Steven has his best bit at the end and lives on his lovely running head. He risks a tough trip again but has shown on countless occasions that this is no problem. The question mark? He has not won with shoes on Swedish soil since the summer of 2021. Gaylord Am made a comeback after lay-off last time and finished very well behind fine High on Pepper. Better distance now and can handle shoes without problems.

Horrible bid

Dominic Wibb like the shoes. Fatal if flapped!


Major Ass and Dominic Wibb make up initially? However, both learn to look for their backs here. Versace Face taking over?

! The statistics winner

Versace Face.

check Our ranking

4 Versace Face

6 Even Steven

12 Gaylord Am

8 Dominic Wibb

2 Bottna’s Idol

11 Corazon Bar

1 Starbec’s Z.

9 Lorens Flevo

7 Major Ass

5 Innovation Love

3 Gerben

10 To this

Here you back Sportbladet’s V75 system:

arrow ADVERTISEMENT: V75 on Saturday. Here you can hook up to the “Sportbladets Tidiga V75-tanke” system. Game stop: 16.20. [Extern länk]

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