Spencer Davis, of the Spencer Davis Group, has died aged 81

Spencer Davis is dead, founder of the British band Spencer Davis Group with which he became very famous in the 1960s. Davis was 81 years old and had been hospitalized for a few days with pneumonia. He was born in Swansea in 1939 and in 1963, after moving to Birmingham to study at university, he founded a band together with drummer Pete York, multi-instrumentalist and singer Steve Winwood and his brother, bassist Muff Winwood. At a time of great vibrancy on the British music scene, the Spencer Davis Group released several hugely successful singles in both the UK and the US within a few years. Keep On Running, Somebody Help Me, Gimme Some Lovin’ e I’m a Man.

Nel 1967, Steve Winwood he left the group to form Traffic, with whom he would become very famous, and the Spencer Davis Group broke up (they got back together several times later, with no particular success). Spencer Davis moved to the United States and later began working in the music industry. In 2005 he said that from the millions of records he had sold in a few years thanks to the success of the Spencer Davis Group, he had earned almost nothing.

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