Specifications of the new Huawei nova Y90 phone and its most important features

Many who have dealt with the most important specifications of the device, its advantages and disadvantages, and also talked about its prices in many other countries, where Huawei has officially launched the HUAWEI nova Y90, the new version, and the glittering Starry Blue it always provides changing colors under the changing light, and the bright black and bright green colors interpret language for your mood.

Specifications of the new nova Y90 phone

• Enjoy the dual layer cell phone finish while maintaining the 175g body that is easy to grip, slim and light
• Be inspired by the endless possibilities with the iconic star orbit ring that brings captivating beauty.
• Then view your favorite content and play fast-moving games in a smooth flow, thanks to the high 120Hz refresh rate
• In case of low frame rate content, the system may automatically switch to 60Hz to conserve battery life.
• Natural beauty also comes to life on a full-pass P3 color display, with 1.07 billion colors ΔE <1 4 color accuracy, with high contrast HDR10
• All this plus making sure your eyes are always protected with eye protection mode 5.

Nova Y90 phone case

• Your phone has a built-in battery
• Details
• A USB Type-C cable
• A quick guide
• The guarantee card
• An ejector pin
• TP protective sticker
• Protective cover in thermoplastic polyurethane

Features of the new Huawei nova Y90

• HUAWEI nova 9 unveils a new vision of photography with its 50 MP Ultra Vision camera
• In addition to the large sensor with RYYB color filter array, you get 40% more light 6
• HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine also helps to quickly process the huge amount of information and enhance the outstanding pixel-level sharpness for every image, day or night
• The built-in AI optimization algorithm allows you to have more pixels which can lead to razor sharp footage whenever you want.
• While the AI ​​algorithm enhances and brings out all the beauty of the background, the higher ISO sensitivity finds the silver lining for dark conditions.

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