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Spanish doctors fight to save the life of Hondurans infected with coronavirus

Madrid Spain.

Erika Mejía never imagined that an earache would lead her to the intensive care unit from a hospital in Madrid where he fights for his life after being infected with the new coronavirus in Spain, in a case highlighted by the newspaper The country.

The Honduran 37 years migrated to Spain two years ago to support her three daughters who were left in their native Omoa. He found a job as caretaker of an old lady in the city of Guadalajara, Castile.

Soon the old woman he was caring for died and was taken in by the daughter of his former employer who offered him a job in domestic activities. Mejía led the lives of many Honduran immigrants in Spain, working hard to save money and send it to his family in Omoa. Until he became infected with the covid-19.

According to El País review, in its report Save Erika Mejía: “It must be someone important”Mejía started complaining a couple of weeks ago about an earache. Then he began to suffer from stomach pain, dizziness and fever.

In less than five days his symptoms worsened. She was admitted to the university hospital of Guadalajara with respiratory failure. His situation worsened and on April 12 he wrote his last WhatsApp message to his nephew: “Tell your mother that I think they are going to put me in the ICU and they will intubate

Doctors determined that only one Ecmo, an artificial support that replaces the function that the lung cannot do, could save the Honduran life, but they did not have this team in that hospital reason why they requested the transfer of Mejía to a hospital center in Madrid, overwhelmed by the epidemic of coronavirus.

Despite the high number of patients, both hospitals coordinated a operative on a large scale, which included a ambulance helicopter, the transfer of two intensivist doctors and two perfusion nurses, for the transfer of the Honduran to Madrid.

Mejía became the first patient to be connected to a Ecmo outside a hospital.

Two weeks have passed since that gigantic operation to save the life of the Honduran immigrant, which is still entered in the intensive care in state remains critical.

Spanish doctors continue to make enormous efforts to save his life.

Number of deaths and infections falls

Meanwhile, deaths in 24 hours from coronavirus in Spain They fell to 301 on Tuesday, bringing the total deaths to 23,822, according to the Ministry of Health bulletin.

Third country with the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 por behind United States and Italy, Spain registers its fifth consecutive day below the 400 daily deaths. On Monday the number was 331 dead in 24 hours.

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The data for this Tuesday also confirms the slowdown in daily deaths since the peak of infections in early April, when 950 deaths were recorded in 24 hours.

The government of Pedro Sánchez plans to announce this Tuesday the plan to begin easing the rigid in mid-May lockdown of the population that has governed since March 14.

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