Spain tries to stop contagions in Madrid. France rejects confinement and US exceeds 7 million cases – Jornal Económico

On the day that the coronavirus pandemic exceeded one million deaths and the second wave continues to hit several countries around the world, world governments are looking to take new measures to try to halt the outbreak, reports “Bloomberg” this Sunday, September 27 .

In Spain, the Government is considering intervening in the Community of Madrid to curb the contagion caused by Covid-19 without having to apply a state of emergency or other measures considered drastic, such as Article 155 of the Constitution, by means of the so-called “new normality” decree.

The Government of Pedro Sánchez may already decide at the next Council of Ministers, which will take place on Tuesday, the 29th, the confinement of the city of Madrid and the municipalities in the region that exceed 500 contagions per 100 thousand inhabitants of accumulated incidence in 14 days.

Despite Christmas being two months away, French Health Minister Olivier Veran rejected the idea of ​​preventive confinement for three weeks to allow families to spend the festive season together. “We do not want to completely paralyze the economic, social, cultural, sporting and family life of the French people,” he told LCI television. “That’s why we make decisions that adapt to the seriousness of the moment, region by region”.

In the Czech Republic, Health Minister Roman Prymula will limit public gatherings next week, with the government discussing the limit of between 10 and 20 people is the most. The country recorded 2,946 cases on Friday, the second largest since the pandemic began in March. Roman Prymula says that the Czech Republic is currently among the four European countries most affected by Covid-19.

In Russia, the capital Moscow has recorded the highest number of cases in the past almost four months, and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on Friday asked people over 65 and those with chronic illnesses to stay at home. September 28th and that companies put as many teleworkers as possible.

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In the United States, coronavirus cases rose from 45,444 on Saturday to 7.08 million, according to Johns Hopkins University data, with an additional 740 deaths across the country, with an average increase over the previous week.

In Iran, deaths from the virus reached 25,589 this Sunday, with 195 deaths registered, compared to 172 the previous day. The number of cases was 3,362 compared to 3,204 the previous day, bringing the total to 446,448, according to the latest data from the local Ministry of Health.

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