South Korean Supermodel Lee Ping Passes Away from Cancer

South Korean supermodel Lee Ping died of cancer. (reposted from IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report]Li Ping, a well-known female model in South Korea, died of cancer. The actor friend Li Shanzhen issued a document earlier to confirm the death of Li Ping, mourning: “I am a coward, I am very afraid of your pain, I hide and dare not follow You contact, I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

Li Ping’s IG post stayed 2 months ago, when she was obviously thinner,Lee Seon-jinReluctantly said that at that time she was still trying her best to be safe, but in the end she was still defeated by the disease. “Li Ping suffered from cancer pain, but even though she was sick, she still stood on the runway. She felt very happy to be a model.”

Li Ping debuted at the age of 18. In 2016, she won the 31st “SWAN AWARD” Model Award and the “Asia Beauty Awards” Model Award. It is reported that her farewell ceremony has been scheduled for the morning of tomorrow (2nd).

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