Qualcomm in talks with Nintendo and Sony PlayStation for new generation portable gaming devices

Qualcomm recently announced that it has started negotiations with Nintendo and Sony PlayStation to jointly explore and promote portable gaming devices. At present, the three parties have not announced a cooperation, but many media and players believe that Qualcomm will target future game consoles,Introducing a dedicated processor with gaming at its core.

Alex Katouzian, senior vice president and general manager of mobile, computing and XR at Qualcomm, said that PlayStation and Nintendo value Qualcomm’s huge influence in the Android gaming market and are interested in expanding its handheld gaming capabilities.

Game consoles such as Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally have received increasing attention in recent years, and the cooperation between Qualcomm and these game console companies is logical.

Qualcomm to launch a smartphone designed for gaming consoles in 2021Snapdragon G3x Gen1 processorthe Razer Edge equipped with this processor has also been recognized by many players, but the performance of this processor cannot meet the needs of future game handhelds.

The three companies did not announce the specific details of their cooperation, but foreign media Appuals speculated that Sony’s recently announced Project Q handheld may use Qualcomm’s processor.

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