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Sophie Breuer from Würzburg is among the top 80

Sophie Breuer sits excitedly in front of her tablet on Friday evening. “A mail came in now, let’s see if it’s the mail to Miss Germany,” she says into her cell phone camera. The 22-year-old from Lohr (Lkrs. Main-Spessart), who is doing an apprenticeship in Würzburg, lets her almost 25,000 followers share her reaction live on the Instagram social network. Because on this Friday evening, the Miss Germany Corporation announced who made it into the top 80 of the 160 candidates.

Sophie Breuer is open, honest and warm on Instagram. There she addresses topics that are often lost in the superficial world of social media: problem areas of the body, alienation from reality, sexual harassment or contraception. Now she wants to go one step further and campaign for these topics in this year’s Miss Germany election and thus follow Lara Rúnarsson from Waldbüttelbrunn, Vice Miss Germany of 2019.

That seems to be well received. “I feel dizzy and sick,” she continues into the camera. Then she opens the email, throws the tablet away, and covers her face with her hands. “I did it!” She shouts. The 22-year-old was chosen among the top 80 of this year’s Miss Germany election.

A jury decides on the top 40

Even one day after the announcement, Breuer is relieved. “The voting has been going on for a long time and I’m so happy that I finally made it,” she said in an interview with this editorial team. She was proud and grateful for the many people who voted for her.

A jury will now decide on the top 40, who will then be invited to the so-called content experience, after which the top 20 will be announced, which will move to the Personality Camp and prepare for the final.

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