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Sony share price drops 13% after Microsoft buys Activision

After Microsoft announced the process of Acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the price of actions of Sony plummeted, with 13% left. While it may sound like a small amount, that percentage was a hit. multibillion.

According to information from Bloomberg, the maker of the PlayStation would have lost approx. $20 billion market cap in just one day thanks to Xbox action. this would be the biggest drop company since 2008.

That huge amount of money didn’t just come out of Sony’s coffers, of course, just meaning that the market reaction made the unit value of each share of the company to close costing a little less. The Japanese gaming giant is expected to recover soon.

For Amir Anvarzadeh, from Asymmetric Advisors, “Sony will have a monumental challenge in hand” going forward. According to him, “with Call of Duty possibly being added exclusively to Game Pass”, the winds are not in favor of the PlayStation.

With over 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft announced yesterday that it was acquiring Activision Blizzard, adding the company to the growing backlog of Xbox Game Studios. The transaction was carried out with the shares being purchased at US$95, closing a total value of almost US$69 billion.



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