Sony launches amazing pocket air conditioner


Sony has just announced the launch of the Reon Pocket, a pocket air conditioner to take everywhere with you and which will be used to cool in all circumstances, including outside.

The device uses the peltier effect (displacement of heat in the presence of an electric current) to cool the user. Just slip it into the special pocket of a T-shirt sold with so that the device is in contact with the skin to locally refresh the user.

The rest is only a matter of perception of our brain: by cooling a part of our body, the brain has the impression that the whole body benefits from the effect and the user then tolerates ambient heat a little more .

In addition, the device is reversible: it is possible to take advantage of an opposite effect and create heat. The whole is controlled by a mobile application and the integrated battery displays 2 hours of autonomy.

Sony had chosen to launch its device for the Tokyo Olympic Games which should have started soon. Unfortunately the Covid-19 health crisis got the better of it. The Reon Pocket is currently only available on Sony’s site for 120 dollars.

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