Son silk Samsung S21 Ultra 5G 99.9% real gold, get the number of swan numbers, the most bang

Samsung joins True 5G and Gold Elite to celebrate Chinese New Year 64, launches a limited-edition smartphone, Gold Elite Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 24KT Gold from 99.9% real gold, raising the premium level. Lucky number, Swan number, Dragon number

The reporter reported that Samsung, TrueMove H and Gold Elite Paris, the world‘s leading manufacturer of gold mobile phones, celebrated the Chinese New Year with the release of a limited edition smartphone. Gold Edition Elite Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 24KT Gold from 99.9% real gold

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For a limited edition smartphone, the Gold Elite Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 24KT Gold is a smartphone made of 24K or 99.9% pure gold, a contour cut camera design with Haze Finish material that is unique to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

In addition to the value of gold Also received a platinum number Auspicious number of the dragon swan from TrueMove H for extra fortune as well Ready to receive various benefits above the level, including free 5G Super Max Speed ​​plus monthly packages 1,999 baht for 2 years

Including the privilege of True Black for 2 years, free boat or car reservation service 1 time from True Leasing and receive a 30% discount on the next time by booking Gold Elite Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 24KT Gold Available from 15 Feb-15 Mar. 64 at a price of 179,000 baht at participating True Sphere branches.

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