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Something is wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera

What is going on with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

There have been reports of problems with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for some time. Late last month, Samsung would have a part of the autofocus problems have already resolved, but now it appears that things have not gotten better. In fact, in addition to the focus problem, the very expensive device also gets very hot due to the camera. What is going on?

Users of the Samsung forum (through AndroidAuthority) report various issues regarding the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is always about the camera, but where one “only” experiences a non-working autofocus, the device would even overheat with other users within seconds when using the camera app.

You don’t have to be a smartphone technician to understand that a simple camera app shouldn’t let the device overheat, let alone overheat in seconds.

To make the whole event even more painful, it seems like only the Galaxy S20 Ultra with an Exynos processor is showing the problems. Yes, not only is the Snapdragon variant objectively more powerful, some users from Europe, for example, also have to deal with a non-working camera app that makes the device dangerously warm. This will be the recent petition to ban the Exynos variant again.

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