Some cloud include, indicating the forecast for Thursday morning in New York | Movie | Univision 41 New York WXTV

citizens.rafael: security mustbe taken for granted but forpresumed univision 40 and nsmake turnips for oursGroup.let’s converse about newsencouraging whythe weather conditions aremagnificent, you candelight in the summer and arrivejust about 90.we handed with lucrecia borchardt,I can not wait around for 88 to get there tomorrowbecause I want warmth.just our areaas we get closerweekend we will deliversignificantly warmer problemsthan those whowe experienced, for case in point, onlya pair of times.for now let us start off with someresidual cloudiness it hasfront procedure we experienced theday yesterday, the ailmentscommenced to continue to be soon afterthat of 9:00 but thecloudiness will returnnight.the thermometer continues to be 60,It will be right until 9:00 intomorrow when we see it increaseabout the 70s and nowthe 80s are back again, the excellent typesair absent from woundsthey will come again right nowin our location and for itwe will see the maximum ailments ina currently being of 86 in Newark,although the speedyif you go to Prolonged Islanddeliver temperatures in 83,also joins the group oftowns that check out nowsanz the temperatures they stand forend the thermometer at 84for this what can make the working day ofThese days the index comforts that of yesterdaypractically stayed inside ofdry and neat circumstances,upper remaining quadrantindicating circumstancesenergized, if provided to yourely the humidityusually use these two

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