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Solidarity with the ‘Prince of the Piano’ in Guanabacoa: they remodel their home – 2024-02-22 05:21:00

A talented pianist from Guanabacoa, Fernando David Conde Fernández, now known online as the ‘Prince of the Piano’, has seen his life transform in recent weeks.

Since his talent went viral on social media, a wave of solidarity has enveloped him, with people inside and outside of Cuba wanting to help change his story and help him exploit his incredible musical gift.

The last of these enormous actions to transform the life of the street pianist, who also suffers from mental illness, was the partial remodeling of the home in which he lives. Thanks to the generosity of his compatriots, it was possible to restore his dignity and comfort.

While before the house was completely in ruins, a new video, shared by comedian Limay Blanco, shows the musician visibly excited when discovering the improvements that were secretly prepared for him in his home.

The images show a brand new bed, furniture for his living room and dining room, modern appliances and kitchen utensils, and, in the place of honor, his precious piano, which was also a gift from Cuban charity.

The video has moved thousands of users on networks, who have followed his story from the beginning, and are happy to see that this man’s talent has become known and he is beginning to have the life he deserves.

The moving story of the ‘Piano Prince’

Affectionately nicknamed ‘The Prince of the Piano’, Fernando began his history in fame after a nun shared a video of him playing, prodigiously, a piano piece that he seems to have taught himself.

Sister Ariagna Brito Rodríguez recorded several of her performances, such as the moving Ave Maria who played at an event of the Catholic Congregation Sisters of Charity of Cardinal Sancha.

It was these videos that, at the end of January, reached Limay and Lino Tomasen, the former boxer known as ‘The Cuban Iron Man’, who decided to intervene upon learning of Fernando’s painful living conditions in Guanabacoa.

The pianist’s situation was precarious, not only due to the difficult situation on the Island and his poor salary as a musician, but it was exacerbated by a fire that claimed the life of his father.

Responding to Blanco’s call, the community, both on the island and in the diaspora, rallied in support, giving him his own new piano.

The help did not stop there, and Limay managed to raise the sum of 42 thousand CUP and 1000 MLC, thus ensuring the well-being of Conde Fernández, which is now enhanced with decent housing.

In addition to the material, this wave of solidarity gave Fernando a golden opportunity: a monthly club in Guanabacoa’s Apretaito, where he can play and earn a decent salary with his talent.

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