Social Services advises to access the Minimum Living Income | BE Gijón

The Gijón City Council has a professional reinforcement for help families going through difficult times as a result of COVID-19. Thus, through the Municipal Foundation of Social Services, an information and advice service on the Minimum Vital Income has been enabled, given the great demand for information on this matter that has been generated due to the pandemic.

This state aid is aimed at prevent poverty and social exclusion of people who live alone or integrated in a living unit. “To access this service, people who wish to do so must request an appointment through the City Council website,” said the councilor of Social Welfare and Rights, Natalia González.

Listen Natalia González, councilor for Social Services, explains the creation of an advisory office on IMV in Play SER

The staff of this office, a team of six, He has been seeking authorization from people receiving the basic social salary for a month so that they automatically go to the Minimum Living Income. In the coming weeks the greatest demand for applications is expected, since “those that take place until September 15 will have retroactive effects to June 1”.

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