SNCB takes measures to avoid chaos in coastal stations

NMBS will also provide travelers with better information. There will be large electronic information signs for the station, not only in Ostend, but in all coastal municipalities with a station. As a result, travelers already receive information before entering the station building, for example about delays or large crowds.

And the railway company will also communicate via social media. Bart Crols of the NMBS explains: “We are going to send push messages, including via the app, so that if there is a problem, people will be notified so that they can view the prospects for their train.”

Ostend mayor Tommelein also wanted a mandatory registration system for trains to the coast. But that is not going to happen. Those who go to sea can voluntarily register on the SNCB app, says Tommelein: “Whoever comes to sea or goes back home can indicate in the app exactly which train they want to take. When they do that, they receive information about those trains. ” That information can be about traffic, delays or failures.

Tommelein is relieved that there is an agreement: “I can confidently face the weekend and the heat wave. The extra trains are back for me. “

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