Snapchat adds new wheelchair animations for Bitmoji avatars

With the introduction of the latest wheelchair animations for Bitmoji characters, Snapchat has taken a step towards maximizing inclusion on its platform.

As defined by Snapchat:

“Bitmoji’s mission at all times has been to create avatars that emulate and characterize the diversity of our group. And while we acknowledge that we still have additional work to do, at this point we hope we will take a step closer to achieving our better purpose of creating inclusivity, an integral part of our Bitmoji avatar platform. “

As you can possibly see above, the brand new Bitmoji stickers are signature avatars in an executive wheelchair that Snapchatters and Bitmoji customers can now add to their posts. This gives customers additional opportunities to paint themselves extra precisely in the Snap atmosphere, which will likely be a welcome replacement for the app.

According to Snapchat, making sure the brand new additions were correct and advisory to each one was critically important:

“To create this primary sphere of design, we gathered your suggestions and worked closely with our disability rights advisor. Everyone informed us about their design together, especially about the details of the leadership wheelchair: the arm protection, the foot relaxation, the material of the seat and the way the spokes are positioned. “

Snap goes on and says that he would like to add additional types of illustrations to his Bitmoji selection. To that end, the decision will be forwarded to the group of people for additional suggestions on these latest and potential new additions to expand their listings.

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Snapchat has previously been criticized for its lack of support for accessibility options, particularly when it comes to customers with low vision. Hence, adding a variety of Bitmoji characters could result in a brand new business with this entrance, which could make the app especially welcoming to a much larger number of customers.

If you want to use the brand new Bitmoji wheelchair accessories:

  • Open the Bitmoji app, Bitmoji keyboard, or the Chrome extension
  • Sort by “wheelchair” in the search bar.
  • Scroll to find the Bitmoji wheelchair sticker selection

Find out more about what’s new at Snap here.

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