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Smooth in “Games of Will”! The first love affair broke out PHOTO

The battles in “Games of Will” become more and more fierce and difficult, and the participants fight in every possible way to stay in the show. It was the last nomination battle that was like that, and all participants showed unique qualities.

Even Manny was surprised, who finally miraculously swam! Well, she didn’t bring a point for the Adventurers, but they praised her, because she obviously has a desire to help her tribe, secret.bg writes.

While everyone was fussing after the battle between Morunov and Rabuhchiev, who brought another point for the Adventurers, the camera inadvertently captured a very sweet moment, which could not help but impress us. For a second we saw Stratimir tenderly embrace and kiss Paulina on the head.

It is known that a close friendship has developed between Polly and Stratimir, and some participants in the show, as well as many viewers on the network, comment that there is something more between the two. They have not yet commented on the topic, but it is a fact that they are quite close and keep their backs, as we all do with our loved ones.

Otherwise, Paulina deserves applause because she managed to save her tribe from a nomination council, which would inevitably send one to the battle for survival, notes the channel Social Wires. The singer faced one of the strongest women in the Games – Krassima. The battle between the two beauties was hard, but Polly managed to fight it.

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