Slowly, the World’s Largest Gambling Center Locks Down Again Due to Covid-19


Macaua world-class gambling city that is part of mainland China, is starting to do lockdown. The reason is the increasing number of Covid-19 cases.

Reported from Reutersthe Macau authoritieslockdown area residences and many public places.

Macau reported 39 new infections on Friday (24/6/2022). The number of new infections brings the total number of patients to 149. A dozen buildings in-lockdown and more than 5,000 residents are in mandatory quarantine.

Now more than 600,000 residents are being tested for the Corona virus for the second time. This strict step has been carried out again since October 2021. Whereas previously Macau had no dealings with Omicron.

Macau has closed most of its city, including bars, cinemas, hair salons and outdoor parks. Residents are only allowed to take away from the restaurant.

Being part of China, Macau also adheres to a ‘Zero Covid’ policy. This policy aims to eradicate all outbreaks and defy the global trend to coexist with the virus.

Most casinos are still open. But it is likely that casino revenue will be near zero in the coming weeks, analysts said.

Currently, only one of the more than 30 casinos is closed. But other casinos have also complained about the lack of customers.

Macau’s cases are still well below daily infections elsewhere, including Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, cases have risen by more than 1,000 a day this month.

Macau only has one public hospital with services already stretched every day. So the government is trying to quickly test the Corona virus.

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