Slovácko kicked them in the ass! The Spartans also fly to Glasgow with Souček

They embark on an adventurous mission. Due to previous events between Czech and Scottish football, the match is evaluated as high risk even for a stay outside the stadium.

However, the main one will take place on the field. The Letna team are sure that if the Rangers beat, the spring will not miss them in the cups.

“We know how we have a group and we know that a possible victory would help us in the spring. So we definitely want to play actively, get rid of Sunday’s match and show that it was just a one-time mistake. We will have to be compact, fight and let “Then we can manage it,” the defender Dávid Hancko points out for club television about the league explosion in Slovácko.


Four points from two matches, which is a good step to advance in the European League, says coach Pavel VrbaVideo:

Rehabilitation for a shameful result will be challenging. A stormy atmosphere is expected in Glasgow.

“Personally, I’m looking forward to it, there will be a lot of people, and maybe it’s sold out. We did it in Copenhagen, we didn’t like it in Lyon either, so it will be tomorrow as well. It’s a tough match, but there’s a duel for each of us. “I am looking forward and I believe that the team performance will be much better than on Sunday,” assures Hancko.

He can also draw Sparta to draw, but he thinks of winning.

“If we win and Copenhagen loses with Lyon, it would be clear. That would be great, we would have it in our pocket in the last match. We will play for the victory as we always try and as the coaches want us to do. Three points from Glasgow would be excellent and we will do our best for them, “Hancko muses.



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