Slight rise in gasoline in the US – NBC New York (47)

NEW JERSEY – Gas prices nationwide have seen a small increase according to the AAA.

On Tuesday, the gallon of regular fuel rose about a penny from the day before. Average cost was $ 3,681, up from Monday when it was $ 3,674.

In our area, however, the average decreased slightly in both New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. See the table below with Tuesday’s prices slightly lower than Monday’s according to AAA.

NEW YORK$ 3,764$ 3,747
NEW JERSEY$ 3,578$ 3,561
CONNECTICUT$ 3,443$ 3,425

The state of Connecticut has the lowest average gas price in the region ranging in value from $ 3,524 to $ 3,367. Our area is followed by the Garden State, also nationwide, averaging $ 3,687 to $ 3,525. The highest price is New York, which averages between $ 3,945 and $ 3,688.

This is not comparable to the prices reported during the summer which in some states exceeded $ 7 and in our area nearly $ 5 or more.

However, analysts still warn that hurricane season remains a “wildcard” that could disrupt oil production and refining along the Gulf coast.

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