SLI Ends Trading Day Unchanged with Minimal Fluctuation

SLI Ends Trading Day Unchanged with Minimal Fluctuation

The SLI ended Monday trading almost unchanged (minus 0.21 percent) at 1,721.59 points. At the start of trading there was a discount of 0.352 percent to 1,719.21 points on the price board, after 1,725.28 points the day before.

The SLI peaked today at 1,731.70 units, while the index reached its lowest level at 1,713.10 points.

SLI development since the beginning of the year

The SLI was trading at 1,717.93 points just a month ago, on August 25, 2023. Three months ago, SIX trading was suspended for weekend reasons. On the previous trading day, June 23, 2023, the SLI moved at 1,745.74 points. A year ago, SIX trading was suspended for weekend reasons. On the previous trading day, September 23, 2022, the SLI was traded at 1,525.87 points.

Since the beginning of 2023, the index has already gained 2.41 percent. This year, the SLI’s annual high is already at 1,810.36 points. The annual low, however, is 1,631.90 points.

The SLI-Top-Flop-Stock

The winning stocks in the SLI currently include Holcim (+ 1.45 percent to 58.88 CHF), Lonza (+ 1.36 percent to 432.10 CHF), Sonova (+ 1.06 percent to 218.70 CHF), Kühne + Nagel International (+ 0.68 percent to 266.10 CHF ) and ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) (+ 0.65 percent to 32.47 CHF). At the other end of the SLI list, however, are Swatch (I) (-3.17 percent to 235.30 CHF), Logitech (-2.40 percent to 62.52 CHF), Richemont (-2.39 percent to 114.25 CHF), Sika (-1.73 percent to 232.60 CHF). ) and Swisscom (-1.23 percent to 545.20 CHF) under pressure.

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SLI shares: trading volume and market capitalization at a glance

The UBS share currently has the largest trading volume in the SLI. Most recently, 5,451,644 shares were traded via SIX. In the SLI, Nestlé shares have the largest market capitalization. The stock market value of the share is 286,228 billion euros.

Focus on fundamental key figures of the SLI values

In the SLI, Swiss Re shares have the lowest price-earnings ratio (P/E) this year at 9.19, according to FactSet estimates. When it comes to dividend yield, Adecco SA shares are expected to be at the top of the index in 2023, according to FactSet estimates, with 7.32 percent.

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