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Slag. Pros and cons of the weekend. Mrozek like Napoleon, and ROW with sweaty grips! Steel tactical massacre

PGG ROW not only sensationally beat Moje Bermuda Stal, but also gave us the best match of the season so far. The Rybnik inhabitants were extremely determined, they had a good plan for the match, and in tactical terms they played it masterfully.

Jarosław Galewski

Engine - Stal Kasprzak, followed by Michelsen

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PGG ROW Rybnik and Krzysztof Mrozek. Benjamin president PGE Ekstraliga said before the season that his players would be the “sweaty grip” team. After the first two lines, these words sounded like a bad joke. The team may not give up matches without a fight, but the quality was too little to pull any points out to rivals. In addition, there were mistakes when choosing the composition and incorrect tactical maneuvers. As a result, some quickly put a cross on the ROW and began to wonder if the residents of Rybnik could win at least one match this year.

A response to criticism appeared immediately. On Sunday, ROW was changed in every way. The players chewed every inch of the track, and besides, the residents of Rybnik managed the meeting very well. – If the trainer were making changes, I would probably go – Mateusz Szczepaniak complained, who was removed after his second run. The speedway made it clear that this time tactical maneuvers were responsible for someone other than Lech Kędziora. Most probably it was the president Krzysztof Mrozek. If so, the charismatic head of the ROW should receive the maximum rating for this meeting. The masterpiece was especially the cast of nominated races. The Rybnik team sensed that Bartosz Zmarzlik would be unbeatable on Sunday and put everything on one card in race 14, for which Robert Lambert was appointed. It turned out to be a hit. This time, ROW not only took better advantage of his leader, but also introduced him to competition at the perfect moment.

Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa and Paweł Przedpełski. Marek Cieślak’s team in the match against Betard Sparta Wrocław recorded only three zeros and had no weak points. Paweł Przedpełski deserved the greatest words of recognition. Speed ​​and determination led him to the 15th race. The achievement of the student of the club in Toruń is worth noting, because Włókniarz is a team full of stars. However, Przedpełski proves that a well-worked winter in combination with a new running table can give an amazing effect. The 25-year-old after joining the group of seniors had a long climb, but insisted that he wants to stay in PGE Ekstralidze. Who knows, maybe just now his career will gain momentum?

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My Bermuda Stal Gorzów. Stanisław Chomski’s team is the biggest disappointment in the start of the season at PGE Ekstralidze. The Gorzów residents have so far complained that they do not have Niels Kristian Iversena and that is why they are losing matches. On Sunday, it turned out that this argument has little to do with reality. If PGG ROW played a match of six, Stal deserved at most two.

It was visible to the naked eye that the Dane was not 100 percent ready to compete. Substitute a player this time would give Gorzowsze victory, because how inspired Bartosz Zmarzlik was riding, and besides, the guests had other solid links. What’s worse, Stal didn’t fix her mistake even during the match. Iversen received one chance too much. And guests had room for maneuver. It was enough to use the well-equipped Rafał Karczmarz once again. In addition, it is difficult not to mention the terrible disposition of Szymon Woźniak, who lost to Kamil Nowacki, who was borrowed from Stal. Gorzowians got a kiss of death from a speedway rider, which they gave to Rybnik without any regrets. This best shows what crisis Stanisław Chomski’s team is in.

Second Betard Sparty Wrocław line. It can be said that such a term does not exist in the team of Dariusz Śledzia. Max Fricke and Daniel Bewley did not score a single point in Częstochowa. They both cannot blame the trainer because they got two chances. No wonder that the runner-up of Poland is looking for new solutions. The chance for Chris Holder, obtained from Toruń, should come as soon as possible, because Sparta is now full of Swiss cheese.

MrGarden GKM Grudziadz. For letting you out of the hands of a great chance to win in Zielona Góra. After the start to the 15th race, Robert Kempiński’s speedway riders already greeted the goose. They drove to the finish with a double lead, which gave them a win in the match. Unfortunately, school mistakes led to the fact that Grudziadz citizens lost a great chance to enter the game of play-offs firmly. May it not turn out that they will run out of these points at the end of the competition.

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