Sky: This is how the broadcaster turns Bundesliga reporting upside down

Britta Hofmann, here on August 14, 2021 at the Bundesliga game between FC Augsburg and TSG Hoffenheim, is happy about the new expert at her side at Sky.

New role for a familiar face at Sky. The pay TV broadcaster is turning Bundesliga reporting inside out and is relying on an internal change. Presenter Britta Hofmann is happy.

The countdown to the new Bundesliga season is on, but football fans still have to wait a good month before they return. At Sky, preparations for the new season are in full swing.

When the first Saturday conference of the 2022/2023 season is due on August 6th, the pay-TV broadcaster will be relying on a well-known yet new face.

Moderator Britta Hofmann (42), who will continue to guide you through the analyzes before, during and after the games, already cheered on Instagram about the “newcomer” by your side.

Sky: Erik Meijer will be involved in Bundesliga broadcasts in the future

Because after years on the CL stage, ex-professional Erik Meijer (52) is celebrating his Bundesliga comeback on the TV screen. “Internal change at Sky”, the TV expert from the Netherlands announced his transfer to the Bundesliga on Tuesday (June 28, 2022) on Instagram.

Here is Erik Meijer’s comeback post on Instagram:

There he will in future analyze what is happening at the 18 first division teams alongside Hofmann and moderation colleague Michael Leopold (50) – in cooperation with the previous expert Dietmar Hamann (48), who will remain with Bundesliga fans.

He is particularly looking forward to “discussing with Didi” on the new Saturday in the Bundesliga Sky, Meijer hinted in his Instagram post with a big grin emoji. But “having fun” shouldn’t be neglected either.

Erik Meijer has long been known at Sky for CL analyses

Until last season, Meijer was a regular at Sky in the Champions League and prepared tactical details in the studio in his analysis section “100% Meijer”. But with the loss of the premier class rights, there was also no framework for the processing of the ex-professional (including Bayer Leverkusen, Alemannia Aachen, HSV).

Meijer has not yet revealed whether the well-known category is celebrating its comeback in the Bundesliga, but Britta Hofmann can hardly wait to start working together.

“I’m very happy…” she commented on Instagram, and Leopold also left no doubt about his enthusiasm for the increase in the Bundesliga circle with a flame emoji. (bc)

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