Skopje Sends Significant Military Aid to Ukraine and Successfully Evacuates Ukrainians from Key City Before Russian Takeover

The commander of a Ukrainian nationalist intelligence unit was killed

The General Staff of North Macedonia has approved the delivery of 12 Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine, the country’s Defense Minister Slavyanka Petrovska announced on the air of the local television channel Alsat.

North Macedonia is ready to give Ukraine the 12 helicopters that the country bought from Kiev back in 2001, and now the country’s government must confirm the transfer of the equipment at a meeting to be held on March 29.

According to Slavyanka Petrovska, her country’s defense capability will not suffer from the transfer of this type of military equipment to Ukraine. In exchange for the transferred helicopters, North Macedonia will purchase new, but already Western, helicopters.

According to the Minister of Defense, these are helicopters that are nearing the end of their service life, but the armed forces of Ukraine are in great need of this equipment, and it is well known to Ukrainian pilots.

Slavyanka Petrovska specifies that some of these Mi-24 helicopters have not been used by the armed forces of North Macedonia for some time.

As reported by Defense24, four of these 12 helicopters have been upgraded. In particular, the helicopters have new avionics that allow the use of night vision goggles, as well as the Aviators night vision system. In addition, the helicopters received a new advanced navigation system and other upgrades.

We remind you that North Macedonia handed over four Su-25 attack aircraft to Ukraine. Transferred aircraft are not airworthy, so they will likely be used for spare parts.

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It was decided to evacuate the employees of the communal services from Avdeevka. The population still remaining in the city is also advised to leave.

This was stated by the head of the city military administration of Avdeevka, Vitaly Barabash, quoted by “UNIAN”.

“It’s a shame to admit it, but Avdeevka is looking more and more like a place from post-apocalyptic movies or … Mariinka, completely destroyed by the Russians,” he says.

Barabash notes that Russian forces are turning Avdeevka into a lunar landscape every day, so it was decided to evacuate the utilities that until recently tried to keep the city alive.

“So now I’m not asking, I’m strongly recommending that you leave Avdeyevka, because Russian missiles and shells spare no one and nothing, no matter what your views are!” Barabash says.

The Russian troops in the battles near Svatov have destroyed the commander of the Ukrainian nationalist intelligence unit “Beshketniki Sirka” Ivan Shtegolev, known by the call sign Shtegol, the world publications reported.

According to the information, as early as 2016, Shchegolev joined the battalion of Ukrainian nationalists “Right Sector” and fought under the leadership of the previously destroyed Dmitry Kotsyubailo with the call sign Da Vinci.

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