Alert! Total Cases of Omicron RI Reached 136, Added 68 People

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) announced the addition of 68 new cases of the Omicron variant. This brings the total Omicron cases in Indonesia to 136 as of Saturday (1/1/2022).

Through an official statement, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 vaccination program, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, said the 68 new cases came from overseas travelers. A total of 11 cases were experienced by foreign nationals (foreigners).

“All cases are foreign travelers, with the most arrival countries from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States,” Nadia said as quoted on Saturday (1/1/2022).

Furthermore, he said that as many as 29 people are said to have no symptoms, 29 people are sick with mild symptoms, 1 person is sick with moderate symptoms, and 9 other people are without information.

Not only that, Nadia also reminded Indonesian citizens to temporarily refrain from traveling abroad. This is considering the condition of the COVID-19 outbreak which has increased again in several countries due to the Omicron variant.

“Don’t be selfish, you must refrain from traveling to countries with very high transmission of COVID-19, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. We must work together to protect those closest to us from contracting COVID-19. Let’s restrain ourselves,” said Nadia.

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