Sixty ships from traffic jams at the Suez Canal have Rotterdam as their destination | NOW

The Port of Rotterdam Authority does not expect an extremely large influx of seagoing vessels now that the Suez Canal has been reopened, the company reports in an update on Tuesday. Sixty ships are expected to arrive in the port of Rotterdam shortly, seven of which are now actually underway.

The number of vessels already underway corresponds, according to the Port of Rotterdam Authority, to the average number of ships that reach the port via the Suez Canal every day. In total, the port of Rotterdam welcomes an average of eighty sea-going vessels per day.

56 container ships are expected in Rotterdam. In addition, three tankers are on the way and a car transport ship is approaching.

Because the ships that had to anchor off the Suez Canal will now make the crossing in small groups and at intervals of twelve to fifteen hours, the port company is not initially counting on an extremely large influx of vessels.

At the same time, the company warns that delays in handling are inevitable in the long run.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority not only refers to the availability of quay walls and cranes, but also emphasizes that only a limited number of boats can assist seagoing vessels in mooring.

“With the expected influx of ships after the opening of the Suez Canal, this means that delays in the handling of ship visits in ports are inevitable, including in the port of Rotterdam,” said the port authority.



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