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Single panic debt… Shinhan Bank’s credit loans are significantly reduced

Shinhan Bank cuts the maximum limit on credit loans for office workers by 50 million won. It is analyzed that this is because the financial authorities sent a warning signal to the surge in household debt as the’debt investment (investing from debt)’ increased significantly due to the recent stock market boom.

According to the financial sector on the 15th, Shinhan Bank decided to lower the maximum credit loans such as’Elitron’ and’Solpyeonhan S’from 150 million to 200 million won to 100 to 150 million won. This product is a credit loan for employees of conglomerates with which Shinhan Bank has signed an agreement, such as a major company. An official at Shinhan Bank explained, “As the stock market has overheated recently, the rapid rise in household loans has been made, and this decision was made in terms of preemptive risk management.”

At the end of last year, Shinhan Bank lowered the credit limit for professionals such as doctors and lawyers from 250 million to 300 million won to 200 million won. It was in accordance with the Financial Supervisory Service’s policy to prevent high-income people from investing in debt in my real estate. Shinhan Bank’s current limit reduction is noteworthy in that it was the first to commit a loan while the stock market was booming. In the new year, bank credit loans are growing rapidly. The negative bank account balance (used amount) of the five major banks, including Shinhan National Hana, Woori Nonghyup, was 47,513 trillion won on the 12th, an increase of 635.3 billion won this year.

“Let’s accept the loan before the crime”… Negative bankbook withdrawal surge

The reason Shinhan Bank decided to drastically reduce the credit limit for office workers is that the pressure from the financial authorities to “crime on loans” continued in the new year. In particular, it is analyzed that it is in response to an order to thoroughly manage the’debt investment’ (investment by debt) of high income earners. In fact, the amount of use of’minus bankbooks (limit loans)’ by banks is increasing rapidly in the new year. However, it is pointed out that excessive lending regulations are encouraging people who are not end users to get’try and see’ loans.

5 major banks’Matong’ surge in new year usage

According to Shinhan Kookmin Hana Woori Nonghyup Bank on the 15th, the negative bankbook balance (used amount) of the five major banks as of the 12th recorded 47,513 trillion won. In the new year, it increased by 635.3 billion won. This is comparable to the balance (47,526.7 billion won) in November last year, when the loan movement of’young drag’ (to attract the soul) was maximized by the announcement of high income loan regulations.

[단독]  'Panic debts'...  Shinhan Bank dramatically reduces credit loans

The main reason for the increase in the amount of use of negative bankbooks is that with the opening of the 3000th era in the new year, the investment craze of individuals is on the rise. This is because there are many office workers who think that it is better to make a profit from stocks even if they pay a negative bankbook interest of 2-3% per year.

An official from a commercial bank said, “As the news that loan regulations will be strengthened in the new year, many customers are increasing the use of negative bankbooks.” Each bank is rapidly raising the threshold of negative bank accounts. If 50% of the limit is not used when extending the loan contract, there are many places where the new limit is drastically reduced. There are also cases in which the preferential interest rate is reduced and the interest rate is higher than before.

As a result, there is an analysis that the movement to’let’s write first’ has increased before the loan conditions worsened. You don’t need money right away, but it’s a move to secure funds in advance. Mr. B, a 30-year-old office worker, said, “I broke the limit of the negative bankbook to 80 million won and used only 30 million won. He said, “I have cash in advance in case I need it urgently in the future.” It is a message that there are cases in which funds are removed from the negative bank account immediately before the loan extension is “parked” (parked) to another bank account.

Concerns about “explosion of domestic demand” as loan regulations are regulated

As Shinhan Bank tightens the limit on outstanding credit loans to office workers, it is analyzed that such a move could ignite across the banking sector. The financial authorities recently ordered a gathering of banking practitioners to “closely monitor the activities of high-income people, such as investing in debt.” It has expanded its’target’ to not only professionals such as lawyers and doctors, but also employees of large companies with high salaries. Accordingly, it is analyzed that there is a high possibility that other banks will increase the loan threshold by lowering the interest rate or adjusting the limit of credit loan products for office workers for the time being.

However, there is also a growing concern that the more such measures continue, the more likely there is a possibility of increasing’young-eul’ loans. This is because consumers, not end users, try to get loans in advance. Until September of last year, the use of negative bankbooks of the five major banks was about 4,475 trillion won. This is an increase of 5.5% (350 billion won) compared to the same period last year. However, demand for negative loans surged from November, when measures to tighten regulations on the total debt principal repayment ratio (DSR) for high income earners and to reduce the limit on professional loans were announced. In the two months from the end of September to the end of November, the use of negative bankbooks of the five major banks increased by KRW 3.479.4 trillion. This is 10 times the increase of the previous year.

An official from the banking sector said, “At the end of the year, as each bank met its loan management goals, the amount of loan growth slowed for a while, but from the new year, the growth continues again. I said.

Reporter Daehoon Kim/Soram Jung [email protected]

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