The first pipeline-connected hydrogen charging station in Korea, completed in Nam-gu, Ulsan

On the afternoon of the 30th, the’Ulsan Together Hydrogen Charging Station Completion Ceremony’ was held in Nam-gu, Ulsan City, where hydrogen is supplied through a pipe for the first time in Korea.

Ulsan Together Charging Station is the first case in Korea to receive hydrogen by connecting a 1.3km-long pipe from a hydrogen production plant, and by world standards, it is the third after Fukuoka in Japan and California in the United States.

The charging station operates 14 hours a day and has a charging capacity of 770kg, and it is expected to greatly improve the convenience of hydrogen car users in Ulsan, as it can charge 130 hydrogen cars per day.

In addition, according to the Ulsan Metropolitan City Hydrogen Pipe Network Construction Plan, a total length of 63km of hydrogen pipes will be built in the city center by 2030. It is also expected that hydrogen charging stations using pipe transfer methods will be built throughout the city.

Meanwhile, according to the Green New Deal promotion plan, the Ministry of Environment announced that it plans to build a total of 310 charging stations, including 250 in the city center and 60 on the highway, so that hydrogen car operators will not have any inconvenience in charging. In addition, from next year, it plans to induce active participation of the private sector by supporting the purchase cost of hydrogen fuel to resolve the chronic operating deficit.

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