Singer Shahinaz Contemplates Returning to Hijab and Music After 15-Year Hiatus

Singer Shahinaz returned to controversy 15 years after she retired from art and wore the hijab for the first time.

She said in press statements about the possibility of her wearing the hijab again, after she wore it in 2008 and her distance from art at the time, and she took it off and returned to singing in 2017.

And she added, “It is very likely that I will wear the hijab again, and this is a need that I have no objection to, and who knows if I can actually wear the hijab.”

And about her latest artistic work, Shahinaz revealed that she is preparing for a single song in the coming weeks, indicating that it is possible to shoot a video clip, but according to time, indicating that she is associated with many concerts.

She also revealed that she hopes to cooperate again with Muhammad Ramadan, saying: “Muhammad Ramadan is a great star, and I respect him and as much as his talent and the art he presents, and he has an audience and popularity in many countries, not only the Arab world, and I am honored to cooperate with him again, whether in singing or acting.”

Shahinaz had commented on the criticism she was exposed to on social media, saying: “All artists attacked at the beginning, but the real talent always imposes itself, and the smart, hardworking artist proves his presence, continuity, and the love of the audience. I mean, for example, Abdel Halim attacked at his beginning, but the audience’s love made him an artist.” Great, and his songs are still with us.” (she has)

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