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Singer Monika Bagárová about the new album Stronger: Being sexy does not mean being vulgar

Just before Christmas, the single and video clip Something more, which Bagárová recorded with Ben Cristova, was released. This year, she wants to shoot video clips for other songs, give concerts and be a good mother to her two-year-old daughter Rumia.

The day your new record came out, your parents got engaged after thirty years together. Why did they do this after so long?

It was never important to them, they live a beautiful life even without an engagement. But in the end, dad decided because we are a religious family, he wants to be married to mom and then promise each other fidelity in front of God. So there will be a wedding next year. I’m happy about it, it’s also important for me to live life the way it should be lived.

Of course. I have believed in God since I was a child, we were brought up in faith at home. My belief in life is that if you are a good person and you want something badly, it will come true. Being a good, honest, truthful and kind person is for me the most important thing that I have connected with faith in God.

Is it related to some ritual that belongs to your life?

I pray, I thank God, I am humble, but these are not exactly rituals. They are things that I have taken in and belong to my life. The most important thing for me is my behavior and how I approach life.

You sang the duet Karma with Tom Popovic on the album. Is it associated with faith for you?

I would not say that karma belongs to God’s word and is part of faith. For me, she is a representative of a different, magical direction. I see it in the way that everyone gets back what they do in life. I think it works, although sometimes I don’t wish it on some people because they will find it very painful.

However, I have to say that the song is Tomi’s and he invited me to sing it with him. Therefore, questions regarding its content should be aimed at him.

You made the fans wait five years for the release of the new record. Why did it take so long?

Everything has its time and things happen at the most convenient time. A few months ago I met my producer Tomi Popovic and I put my trust in him. He recorded a great album with me, which proved to me again how important it is to be able to wait for the right moment. Before that I worked on many things. I went to school, was on the SuperStar jury and did a lot of other things. I was also very young.

Now I’m a grown woman who has a child, went through something in my life and released an album called Stronger. How I feel today is woven into its title. I am stronger, more confident, I can talk about things I couldn’t talk about before. The songs on the record have depth to me. I would like them to pass on something to my listeners as well.

As you said, you became a mother. You dedicate the song Vysněná on the album to your daughter. Is your Rumia present in other songs as well?

My daughter is my life engine, she makes me stronger. I want to be a great mom, I want to be better at my job, and I want her to have everything she needs in life. And I don’t mean only material things at all. This motivation of mine influenced the whole album, even if it is not evident in the lyrics.

How does the daughter like the record?

He loves music, has a musical ear and already sings. Once the album was done, we listened to the songs together and sang them to each other. I think she’s excited about them.

In your new songs, you ventured into the waters of modern pop. Was it your decision, or did Tomi Popovič influence them?

I knew which direction I would go. But I got a lot of input and advice from Tomi, whether it was about sound, arrangements and other things. He is an experienced producer, produced a lot of songs, composed a number of them, worked in America, in short, he had something to pass on to me.

Why do you sometimes bend Czech to sloppy pronunciation in your texts?

It’s modern in pop now, although I don’t think I’ve succumbed to it. I tried to be understood as much as possible and in style, because I also want to know what the artist I’m listening to is singing about.

However, modern times allow us to do things differently in music than was usual in the past. The approach to creation has changed, the lyrics as you talk about them are, so to speak, fresh for young singers. If you compare the songs from my Shining album in 2011 and the new one, there is a huge difference between them. I think that speaks volumes about how music has moved on. I wanted the lyrics as they are on the album because I like them that way.

How should fans perceive you in the music scene?

I’m an r’n’b singer, I’ll never get married. I am also a lady who is decent. I think it’s sexy. Sometimes people think that being sexy means being vulgar. But it’s not like that. A woman who is sensible, intelligent and covered from head to toe can also be sexy.

I would like to show fans and youth that you don’t need to be eccentric or vulgar to be a personality. I also try to be kind and good because that’s how people should be to each other.

With my album, I would like to motivate all women and mothers to the fact that everything can be managed. There were times when I imagined some things in my life differently. But today I know that everything is really as it should be. And I’m thankful for that, because the one above knows what he’s doing.

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