Simple public housing 300 square feet rented at 2650 yuan Ho Wing-hsien: The social value cannot be calculated

Ho Wing Yin simple public housing

The government plans to build about 30,000 simple public housing units in the next five years. It is understood that the authorities will announce the progress of the project as soon as today, including the finalized selection of 8 sites. Director of Housing, Ho Wing-hsien, showed sub-divided households a demonstration unit earlier. It is a simple public housing unit with an area of ​​about 300 square feet, which is suitable for a family of 4 to 5 people. . She said that simple public housing provides suitable housing for subdivided households, and the social value cannot be calculated.

Earlier, Ho Wing-yin took subdivided households receiving services from social welfare organizations to visit the demonstration flats of simple public housing, and introduced the design and basic equipment of the flats. She pointed out that she visited the subdivided households many times before, “The harsh environment… not only the walls are moldy, water seeped, and even wall dust floats down when sleeping. The room is only the size of a cabinet…” and each of the simple public housing The units have separate kitchens and toilets. “One family and one family can help children grow up and get out of difficult environments as soon as possible. This is the social value of simple public housing. I would describe it as a lifeboat to help residents of subdivided housing. This value is It cannot be calculated.”

Simple public housing

Simple public housing

Simple public housing

Simple public housing

Simple public housing

Simple public housing

The government plans to build about 30,000 simple public housing units in the next five years, mainly for applicants who have been waiting for traditional public housing for more than 3 years. The construction period of public housing is only about one to two years.

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8Half of the units in the site selection are in the urban area

According to reports, the government has finalized the site selection for simple public housing, involving 8 sites, except for the 4 sites in the New Territories mentioned earlier by the government (Tuen Mun Area 3A, Tuen Mun Area 54, Yau Pok Road in Yuen Long and Liantang End in Sheung Shui) In addition, among the newly exposed locations, 3 sites are located in the urban area, namely Choi Hing Road in Ngau Tau Kok, Sai Wan Road in Kai Tak, and Sheung On Street and Sheung Ping Street in Chai Wan, accounting for about half of the total supply. In addition, the Housing Bureau revealed last year that the design and construction cost of the simple public housing project was about 26.79 billion yuan, which was criticized for being too high. According to reports, the cost was reduced by 1 billion yuan. Announce the progress of the project today.

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