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Signs Your Facebook Account Has Been Hijacked, Here’s the Solution!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Facebook is still the social media used by some people today. But, have you ever felt insecure in using it, and felt that your account was hijacked by someone else?

On its official website, Facebook reveals there are several signs your Facebook account has been hijacked and how to deal with them. One solution, is to change the password and review the last login activity.

But to be even more careful, here are the signs that your Facebook account has been hijacked by someone else, referring to the official Facebook statement:

– Your email or password changed

– Your name or date of birth changed

– Friend requests sent to people you don’t know

– Sending messages you didn’t write

– There are posts you did not make.

So, how do you recover your Facebook account after it was hijacked by irresponsible parties?

The first thing to do is log out of your Facebook account from all your gadgets or wherever you last opened your Facebook account.

You can also monitor if someone else is using your account from elsewhere.

The method:

– Go to security settings and login

– Go to the section where you are logged in. You may have to click ‘See More’ to see all the sessions you’ve been in

– Search for the session you want to end. Click it, then click Sign Out. Clicking Logout will immediately log you out of Facebook on that device.

Don’t forget to immediately activate two-factor authentication so that your account is more secure. If you’re logged into Facebook on a computer, you can use Security Checkup to review your security settings.

How to enable two-step authentication

To enable or manage two-factor authentication on Facebook:

– Go to your Security and Login Settings

– Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Edit

– Select the security method you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions

– When setting up two-factor authentication on Facebook, you will be asked to choose one of three security methods: tapping your security key on a compatible device, a login code from a third-party authentication app, or an SMS code from your phone.

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