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SIDA 2023 Singapore Interior Design Awards – room

The best award in the Singapore design industry, Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2023, which has been selected through 260 than the project

This year there are special awards including “Young Designer of the Year”, “Design Educator of the Year”, and “Lifetime Achievement Award”, which cover the design industry in the Asia Pacific region. Consisting of our countries Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

Ms Low Yen Ling Minister of Culture, Community, Youth and Trade and industry, said: “Not only is SIDA 2023 a celebration of the achievements of society, it is also about strengthening the profession. We know what design can do. Helps push the quality of life to be better. Good design helps us maintain good health. create possibilities and bring people closer together Helps to integrate society more tightly.”

The theme for this year’s seventh year of SIDA is “Reach for the Stars,” which means our commitment to excellence in design must be even better. It is a challenge for designers to develop and pave the way for creating good standards in the design industry. This year, there were some outstanding works as follows:
Lifetime Achievement Award 2023
Name: Prof Keat Ong
Designation: Founder/ Kreative Director
Page 2
Organisation: Keat Ong Design
● Design Educator of the Year
Name: Fann Zhijie
Designation: Assistant Director, School of Architecture & the Built Environment /
Industry & Partnerships
Organisation: Singapore Polytechnic
● Best Design Firm of the Year
Name: Peter Tay
Designation: Founder
Organisation: Peter Tay Studio

Additional information:
Singapore Interior Design Awards 2023: https://sidawards.sg
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