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Shuttle Bus Accident in Honolulu Leaves One Dead and Several Injured: Carnival Cruise Line

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Tragic Accident at Honolulu Cruise Terminal

One Person Dead and Several Injured

Shuttle Bus Collides with Pedestrians

Tragedy struck at the Honolulu cruise terminal in Hawaii on Friday, when a shuttle bus rammed into a group of pedestrians. One person lost their life, and a number of others sustained injuries in the incident, according to the local police and Carnival Cruise Line.

Driver’s Error Leads to the Tragic Event

The shuttle bus, which was dropping off passengers near a pier, was set in motion when a bystander alerted the driver to the unforeseen movement. In a desperate attempt to stop the bus, the driver accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes, causing the bus to accelerate and collide with the crowd of pedestrians.

An Eyewitness Recalls the Horror

Janet Lightfoot, an eyewitness to the incident, described the horrifying scene: “Somebody screamed, and then I looked over and the bus hit into the crowd. It just kept going until it hit the wall there.”*

Immediate Response and Toll of the Accident

The bus crashed into concrete barriers and struck a total of 11 people. Five of the victims were transported to local hospitals for treatment, with the unfortunate passing of one woman due to the severity of her injuries. The remaining injured individuals are reported to be in good condition, and six people at the scene declined medical treatment.

Guests from Carnival Miracle Ship Affected

Among those involved in the tragic accident were nine guests from the Carnival Miracle cruise ship, including the woman who lost her life. Information from Carnival Cruise Line indicates that the deceased woman was traveling with her husband, who also sustained injuries but is expected to recover.

On-Going Investigations and Preliminary Findings

The Honolulu Police Department is conducting ongoing investigations into the incident. Initial assessments suggest that the speed of the bus was not a contributing factor to the collision. The presence of drugs or alcohol and potential additional factors are yet to be determined.

Shuttle Bus Company Yet to Respond

CNN has reached out to the shuttle bus company for comments regarding the tragic incident, but a response is still pending at the time of this article’s publication.

Passengers Continue Their Journey

The Carnival Miracle ship is currently on a 15-day sailing journey that commenced from Long Beach, California, and the tragic accident has impacted its passengers and crew.

Source: High Five Newspaper

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