Shouts in Controversy at the bar: Iúdica and Recondo clashed over the march of 17A

The driver was angry with Recondo for his opinion about the march last Monday Credit: America TV

The political rift reached the table Controversy at the bar. Driver Mariano Iúdica and the journalist Gaston Recondo they starred in a hard cross following the flag of 17A and the sayings of Argentine actors about Luis Brandoni.

The driver began by reflecting on the dangerous extremes to which the ideological division of society reached. “It’s amazing, everyone takes things personally. It’s a kindergarten. I said a few days ago that a great friend, who is a brother in my life, is fighting for the coronavirus and they came to tell me that it was a lie. We have reached levels of madness“said Iúdica.

Next, and in relation to the call for the last march, Recondo pointed to the Argentine actors. “There are actors who criticize him for an ideological issue and they have to wash their mouths before talking about Luis Brandoni“, he expressed. Quickly, the driver retorted:”Gastón cited a march in the middle of the pandemic to be infected on the street“.

The journalist, angrily, replied that most of the people drove and did not summon anyone to get infected. “It was not mostly by car, don’t say that, Gas. Don’t you have any infected friends?” Iúdica asked. “People already know what they have to do to take care of themselves, five months have passed“Recondo launched.

Gastón Recondo defended Luis Brandoni for the call to the flag of 17A: “They have to wash their mouths” Credit: America TV

Furious, the driver yelled: “On March 24, no people were made, on March 24. Let’s see if we understand“. Luciana SalazarTrying to find a middle ground, he asked: “Couldn’t a cacerolazo have been organized from the balconies as has already been done?”

Recondo assured that the parks and shopping centers of the Buenos Aires suburbs are crowded with people, which helped Iúdica to close the discussion. “So, you realize we don’t know what we do five months later“, he said, adding:” If they take care of you, you will cry for freedom, and if it had not happened that they take care of you they would be shouting that they let us all die. We should be celebrating that the country is on the vaccine map. There is nothing that suits us“, the driver closed.



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