Shouted by the “president” in Mukercab, Anies praises the rational voters of the PPP


DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan expressed his gratitude for the support of PPP cadres at the 1st Simultaneous Working Meeting of PPP Branches (Mukercab) across DKI Jakarta. Anies praised the rational voters of PPP.

“Thank you for the support for the appreciation, Bismillah, we are both moving forward. I still have to finish 3 weeks on the 16th (October), the 16th is finished tomorrow, then we will talk about the next one,” Anies said at the close of the Mukercab at the Grand Paragon Hotel, Sunday (9/25/2022).

Anies chose to complete the tasks one by one. “Solved one by one. And we also want to convey that this effort must be made aware of how rational it must be,” said Anies.


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Anies also praised the development of votes in the PPP party. According to him, the PPP voters in Jakarta are rational voters.

“Well, if you look at the good developments in PPP Jakarta, you can see that the voters of the PPP are rational, the voters who will judge, will enter and when they are in line they join and when they are not in line they look for others. So I think this one. be a golden opportunity for PPP under the leadership of the new generation, “said Anies.

For information, Anies Baswedan participated in the first Mukercab activity of the PPP DPC throughout DKI Jakarta. Anies’ arrival was greeted with enthusiasm by the PPP cadres and she shouted “President”.

Monitoring at the venue, Sunday (9/25/2022) at 7:33 pm WIB, Anies entered the event at the Grand Paragon Hotel, Jalan Gajah Mada, Taman Sari, West Jakarta. Anies wears a dark green batik complete with a cap.

Anies’ arrival was warmly welcomed by the cadres, some of whom even got up from their seats to start taking selfies with the governor of DKI Jakarta.

In addition, the cadres also shouted “Anies, President of Indonesia”. A song was heard accompanying the arrival of Anies.

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