The Iranian players established the hijab requirement before giving a press interview

Iran beat Uruguay in friendly (Jay Pratt / Getty)

players mode National of Iran The first football club, condition of a journalist, to be able to conduct an interview with them, after the end of the friendly, in which they won with a goal for nothing, on National team of Uruguay In Austria, in preparation for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

And Isabel Parker, a reporter for the British newspaper “The Sun”, revealed, on Saturday evening, that she was forced to wear the hijab, to give an interview to the press with the Iranian players, after the end of the friendly. against the Uruguayan team.

The journalist confirmed that she was surprised, after finding herself unable to speak with the Portuguese manager, Carlos Queiroz, and the Iranian national team players, unless she was wearing a veil, covering her hair, which made a protest in front of the hotel in the Austrian capital Vienna seriously consider organizing.

She explained that she gave up on the idea of ​​protesting, after she was determined to continue her work, but could not find a shop that would sell her the hijab, due to the owners closing at the time set for them, so made a special hijab.

In this regard Isabelle said: “I did not believe what was asked of me, and I thought of organizing my protest, but I had work to do, and my decision was to work”, stressing that the recommendation to wear the veil is received through one of the personalities accompanying the Iranian national team, so that he could conduct the interview with the players.

Isabelle concluded her speech by saying that all the players of the Iranian national team, in addition to the coaching staff led by coach Carlos Queiroz, were friendly and cooperative with her, to do her job and do what she came for.

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