Should commemorate holocaust victims – used image of train tracks from Sudan

BILDE-BOM: The liberals in Sweden published two Facebook posts on Friday. One with the wrong image (right), before they later posted a new one with the correct image (left).

On the occasion of Memorial Day for the Holocaust victims, which is today, the Swedish party Liberalistene wanted to remember the victims in their social media. Then they confused Auschwitz with Sudan.


“Today marks 78 years since Auschwitz was liberated. We must never forget the people who fell victim to the horrific crimes of Nazism. We must continue to tell their stories. We promise to continue to stand up to intolerance, xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism.”

This was written by the Swedish Liberalist party in a post on social media on the occasion of the International Day of Remembrance for the victims of holocaust holocaust Designation for the genocide carried out by Nazi Germany on Jews and other minorities from 1938-1945. which is today, January 27.

Along with the text, they put a picture on which they had put the text “Never forget” on top.

But the photo was not from the Auschwitz concentration camp. The black and white image shows a railway in Sudan – and was photographed by the Sudanese photographer Mohammed Salah. The image is, among other things, available for purchase via the image bank Getty.

– Unfortunate mistake

– It was a very unfortunate mistake that has now been corrected, writes the press service in party one mail to Aftonbladetwho discussed the matter earlier on Friday afternoon.

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According to Expressen the party had looked up “concentration camp” and “Auschwitz” in the Getty image bank when they found the image. We have tried the same – and it is true that the image from Sudan then appears – admittedly marked with “similar images”.

Later, the party posted a new post with a different picture and a different text – still in memory of all those who were victims of Nazi Germany’s crimes.

Approximately six million Jews were killed in addition to several other minorities, such as gypsies, homosexuals and the disabled.


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