Shorter showers and drying laundry outside should help Danes in gas crisis | Money

The Danish government has therefore started a campaign worth €3.4 million with advice for households to reduce energy consumption. It is also recommended to remove plugs from sockets when people go on summer holidays. Households account for approximately 29% of gas consumption in Denmark.

“We hope that with this campaign, Danes will reduce their energy consumption, with benefits for their own wallet, the energy supply situation and the climate,” the agency said.

Experts Ben Woldring of and Tjitte Mastenbroek of ACM ConsuWijzer discuss frequently asked questions at the energy consultation hour of De Telegraaf. Article continues below the video.

Shut off from Russian gas

Denmark has been cut off from Russian gas because the Danish energy company Ørsted refused to pay in rubles. The country will receive additional gas from Norway in October via a new pipeline.

Other European countries have also called on citizens to save as much energy as possible by, for example, taking shorter showers, turning down the heating and using more energy-efficient LED lamps.

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