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Shiffrin can celebrate now! Ledecké elite ten escaped

Italian Federica Brignone has previously secured the globe for the discipline. The 27-year-old Shiffrin’s overall victory in the World Championships followed on from the successes of 2017-2019.

Encouraged by winning Wednesday’s downhill, Shiffrin showed an excellent ride in the super-G. In second place, behind the finish area, she waited for the Vlhová track to manage. “If it doesn’t work out, it won’t work out,” Slovenka said the morning before the start. She then took 17th place in the race, she didn’t even get a point, as only fifteen skiers scored in the finals of the season, and the American could start celebrating.

Photo: Alessandro Trovati, CTK / AP

American skier Mikaela Shiffrin has reason to smile. After finishing second in the super-G in Courchevel, she became the overall winner of the World Cup for the fourth time in her career.Photo: Alessandro Trovati, CTK / AP

“I had a lot of great moments during the season, but I also had the hardest moments of my career. I was under pressure and collapsing,” Shiffrin recalled at the failure of the Beijing Olympics. “I haven’t ridden well in Aare yet, but I wanted to show good rides here. Everyone knew I wanted the globe a lot, the final was the last goal of the season, in which I didn’t win much.”

Ledecká lost the most in the middle passage while riding on a softer track. After the finish, she was eleventh with a gap of 1.11 seconds behind Norka, but she dropped three more places. The 2018 Super-G Olympic winner competed in this discipline in five of the nine races of the season and finished 22nd overall.

The men only “only” for the order in the race from 11:30. Nor Alexander Ammodt Kilde triumphed in the evaluation of the discipline, the Swiss Marco Odermatt won the big globe.

SP final in downhill skiing in Courchevel (France):
Women’s Super Giant Slalom:
1. Mowinckelová (Nor.) 1:13,68
2. Shiffrinova (USA) -0.05
3. Gisin (Switzerland) -0.13
4. Worleyová (Fr.) -0,34
5. Miradoliová (Fr.) -0,48
6. C. Suterová (Switzerland) -0.57
7. Bassinová (It.) -0,69
8. Gaucheová (Fr.) -0.87
9. Flury (Switzerland) -0.92
10. Tippler (AUT) -0.93,
… 14. Ledecká (CZE) -1.11.
Super-G Final Standings (after 9 races):
1. Brignoneova 506
2. Curtoni (both It.) 390
3. Shiffrin 380
4. Mowinckelová 353
5. Goggiaová (It.) 332
6. Gutová-Behramiová (Šv.) 286,
… 22. Ledecká 104.
SP standings (after 35 out of 37 races):
1. Shiffrin 1425
2. Vlhová (SR) 1189
3. Brignoneova 955
4. Goggia 873
5. Mowinckelová 835
6. Gisinová 834,
… 17. Ledecká 443,
56. Dubovska (CZE) 124.

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