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Sherwood Parc, the tree climbing park north of Paris

By Elodie D., My B. Photos by My B. Posted on February 11, 2021 at 2:08 p.m. Updated February 11, 2021 at 2:46 p.m.

Sherwood Parc is life-size adventure. More than a tree climbing, Sherwood park is a multi-activity theme park! Discover tree climbing courses for all ages, a giant inflatable playground, the Archery Tag, electric scooter hikes, the Quad or even the Explor Game! For this 2021 season, the park awaits you on March 27. Presales are open.

The Sherwood Parc is a park of Travel adventure surrounded by nature for families from 3 to 70 years old. Come and spend a day of relaxation and sensations less than an hour from Paris. In addition to the many courses that await you, the place is full of activities to appeal to all ages.

Some activities will be able to reopen their doors from May 21, 2020 in compliance with the health charter in place. You will therefore be able to enjoy theTree climbing, of Archery and you Bungee Ejection among others.

Sherwood Parc 2020, reopening on May 21Sherwood Parc 2020, reopening on May 21Sherwood Parc 2020, reopening on May 21

Sherwood Parc 2019Sherwood Parc 2019Sherwood Parc 2019Sherwood Parc 2019

What are we doing at Sherwood Parc? Here is your program:

In the trees :

  • Tree climbing: With more than 450 workshops at heights of 1 to 20 meters and more than 2000 meters of zip lines, it is no less than 41 tree climbing courses of different levels that Sherwood Parc offers.
  • The Large Tyrolean: One of the park’s flagship activities. It stretches over 260 meters, a record in Île de France.
  • Tree climbing: Discover the Escalad’arbre, a tree equipped with climbing holds to a height of 17 m and admire the view. Tired for the descent? No worry, the return to the ground is ensured by an automatic descender.
  • Bungy Ejection : Fancy a thrill? Our attraction the Bungy ejection, propels you into the peaks of Sherwood Forest at 20 meters high.
  • Quick Jump : The end of the “Richard Coeur de Lion” route has one last surprise in store for you. You will have to throw yourself into the void from a platform perched 14 m high.

For little Robins:

  • Perched children course: These routes are accessible for children from the age of 3. Composed of 35 workshops (mini monkey bridge, slides…), children can access them without harnesses. Nets at a height varying between 70 cm and 2m50 secure the practice of the activity and parental supervision is compulsory.
  • Robin’s village: Ideal for the little ones, the village offers a route of monkey bridges protected by nets to walk from hut to hut. Giant slides and a giant ball pool suspended 6 m high promise hours of unusual adventure for children from the age of 2 and a half.
  • Fun Box : The Fun Box is a 10 meter high vertical maze of nets.

Shooting activities:

  • Archery : Enter the adventure and play Robin Hood. Train with Robin Hood on the Nottingham Sheriff’s Troops. Initiation to this medieval art, supervised by a knight of Sherwood. Bows are suitable for all sizes and introductory sessions last 20 min.
  • Crossbow shooting : Sherwood Parc offers initiation sessions supervised by a knight. And for more classic desires, head to the archery !

Divers :

  • L’explore Games : The Explor Games® is inspired by the Escape Game but takes place outdoors with a geolocated tablet as “game master”. The activity is carried out in groups of 2 to 6 people. Two scenarios are offered in our adventure park, the first, very simple, being reserved for children up to 6/7 years old. In the second scenario, the challenges and puzzles are suitable for children from 8 years old (accompanied) and for adults. Your mission: 9 challenges to meet in order to find Robin Hood’s stolen treasure.
  • Giant maze: The labyrinth covers one hectare and reaching its end is a real challenge. You will most certainly get lost in this attraction of Sherwood Parc. Remember to take provisions, the nights can be very rough in the forest and who knows which bandit or which trooper of the Sheriff of Nottingham could rob you before you find the exit!
  • Riddle course: Sherwood Parc offers two puzzle courses: the awakening course for children aged 3 to 4 and the tree this hero for the older ones. Available in 3 different levels, this course can accommodate up to 12 teams of 2 to 6 players of different levels from 5 years old.

Other activities such as zipline with turns, the pony rides, the mini quad, the kids paintball, the laserball, the paintball, the adult quad rides and the electric scooter rides are expected to reopen from May 30, 2020.

Sherwood ParkSherwood ParkSherwood ParkSherwood Park

In short, here is a good idea to spend a day of fun in nature with children or with friends!

In short, this is what to have fun!


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