She showed the nicest ass of the evening and talked about her mental state –

The former Miss Czech Republic Zuzana Jandová is undoubtedly one of our most beautiful models, yet in the past she suffered from psychological problems and fought with her inner demons. But today she is a completely different woman who shines with happiness. In an interview for, she revealed how she managed to deal with the pain of her soul and what made her walk the catwalk at the Playboy party.

He does not reveal the secret

Social events at which the former will appear Miss Czech Republic 2008 Zuzana Jandová, is like saffron. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise that she attended the first Playboy party this year and even appeared with other models at the fashion show, which was part of the rich program.

“I love the beauty of a woman and intrinsically celebrate all women and their courage to be themselves, whatever they are. I appreciate when women are not afraid to show who they are,” revealed to the beauty, who mainly works abroad. “I see it as nudity, to show my truth. Playboy is a big brand for me, and no matter who wants to say what they want, it celebrates the beauty of a woman.” the model explained why she decided to appear on the catwalk of a prestigious men’s magazine.

Although Zuzana is a professional model and a beautiful woman, she has yet to appear on the cover of Playboy. “Maybe I’d go for it” said Zuzana. “I must not divulge any secrets,” she added with a smile, perhaps hinting a little that the gentlemen will be waiting for other seductive photos than the ones that appear on her Instagram.

He is preparing a book

Zuzana Jandová does not hide the fact that she suffered from psychological problems years ago. According to her, however, those are long behind her and she feels great. “Since then, a lot of things have happened, and in the meantime I started to love myself the way I am. I started helping other women and men to come to terms with themselves, so now I’m doing beautifully” Jandova said, confirming that it took her many years to really like herself.

But what was Zuzana like, who won the beauty crown in 2008, and what is she like today? “I think we are still very similar. Zuzana is a bit wiser and more experienced today and she definitely likes herself,” said Jandová, adding that the basis of self-acceptance is to accept even what we don’t like about ourselves.

In addition, the model revealed a big news. “I’m writing a book, but there are more projects that I’m planning. I don’t want to put pressure on myself, so if I should say the exact date when I’ll publish it, I don’t know at all right now,” added the model with a bewitching look.

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