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She invents a “cuddly glove” to hug her loved ones during the epidemic

A Canadian woman was able to have her mother hugged despite the coronavirus epidemic (illustration). – Pixabay / StockSnap

Cuddling safely to loved ones in the midst of a pandemic coronavirus, this is possible thanks to an ingenious solution developed by a
Canadian. To do this, take a plastic tarp with four sleeves, hang it on a washing line and voila.

In Guelph, in southern Ontario, Carolyn Ellis and her husband Andrew developed this “hug glove” on the eve of Mother’s Day, celebrated this year on May 10 in North America. ” I told myself that [ma mère] was not receiving hugs and we really needed to do something about it, and I wanted to give her one for Mother’s Day, “said the process inventor at AFP.

Viral video on social networks

The sleeves, also made of plastic, were attached to the large tarp using tape, allowing two people to hug each other without direct contact. “It was really a team effort trying to determine the size and height of the sleeves. We worked on it until early morning Saturday evening and it was ready for Mother’s Day on Sunday, “said Carolyn Ellis. “It was a great gift. “

The video filmed for the occasion, then shared on social media, quickly went viral. “It was surprising, it shocked us to see how quickly it went viral. We were delighted that other people were able to benefit from our hug. We loved it, ”concludes the Canadian.



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