she didn’t recognize him because he was wearing the mask

in photo: Image from Facebook.

Tragedy to Moscow, where the tamer of the Great Moscow State Circus, one of the most famous circus shows in the country, Valentine Bulich, died just 28 years after being mauled from one of the bears in the circus. According to the show’s administrators, “Valentin forgot to take off his mask anti-Covid before entering the cage, and the animal did not recognize it. He thought he was in danger, “so he has it attached leaving him no way out. The bear Yasha, who has been performing at the circus for some time, attacked the man, even snatching his scalp.

Valentine was pulled out of the cage with great difficulty by the other circus workers. Transferred to hospital, the doctors could not help but declare his death. The trainer, as explained by the Great Moscow State Circus, “had entered the cage for one routine cleaning. He had locked the door from the inside as he always did to prevent the bear from escaping. The only mistake was not to take off the mask. Furthermore, “entering the cage was a violation of safety regulations, albeit the rule of the circus”. “It is very difficult for us. It all happened very quickly and unexpectedly. This is a disaster and a pain that we have to face,” he commented. Tatyana Zapashnaya, a circus leader. The bear Yasha is also known for his stunts outside the circus and often approaches humans intrigued, he has never shown a violent disposition.

It is not the first time such an episode has occurred. Only last year, in July 2019, in Italy a tiger tore the famous trainer at the Circus Orfei Ettore Weber, killing him at 61, during the rehearsals of the show in Triggiano, in the province of Bari and in front of his wife Loredana.

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