Shawky: There is a paid campaign to destabilize the Olympic team

Mohamed Shawky, assistant coach in the Olympic technical staff, confirmed that some are adopting a paid campaign to strike the stability of the Olympic team that won the African U-23 Championship in Egypt.

Shawky said in statements to On Stadium on the Ontime Sports channel: “I know that some people seek to destroy the stability of the Olympic team, and it cannot be expected from them.”

He added that some people do not want to see the Olympic team at a distinguished and stable level as it appeared during the last period and seek to destroy all that has been achieved, pointing out that this will be difficult to achieve.

He explained that these people are not players, but their first goal is to destroy the stability of the Olympic team, but all this will not affect the group’s march.

He continued: “We are only a red line. The technical staff and the players were honored after achieving the African Nations Under 23 years, and this is the biggest evidence that we are on a great deal of responsibility.”

Shawky concluded his remarks: “Things in the Olympic team are not easy, as some believe, and there are people whose goal is not to achieve any success.”


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