“Go to work a normal job!” – local beauties Katrīne Sauliete and Juta Valdmane gather in public

According to Bez Tabu, the hashtag #nlroyalteam has recently spread at Instagram at lightning speed, mostly among young women. “NL” is a company that sells various products for slimming, beauty care, home life, etc. in the form of a network – namely, involving more and more new product distributors.

The greatest popularity has been gained by various powders, which are used by the company’s patroness in the mornings and evenings. To promote her status in the pyramid, Sauliete has formed a team, attracting more and more young women in product distribution. In this way, she has also been joined by the lady of the society Deimon. The company itself calls itself royal and admits that it is possible to earn very well in this job. As you know, network marketing aims to “flash” in employees’ visions the dream of Mercedes, smooth travel, rich life – and all this is possible only if you work hard and attract more and more new people to the network.

“Pipe cleaning” morning and evening

Those who follow the Sunset on the Instagram site can watch every day how the morning begins with powders and ends with powders. Countless types of detoxification for different parts of the body, plus the replacement of meals with protein powders. All this is watched by young girls and even children, who are probably complex about their physique. Sauliete has previously indicated that the products she distributes are not intended for children. She explains in her Instagram stories that powders are eaten because there is often no time for normal eating – for example, when you have to sleep on a couch in the salon for an hour and a half, or sit at a manicure for an hour. At the same time, every day, Sauliete demonstrates her treasures taken care of by “NL” dozens of times, thanks to which she maintains her slim shape and beautiful visual image. Nutritionist Maija Fromane commented on TV3 that the cheapest soy and pea proteins are used in the composition of the powders – there can be nothing more valuable in these items.

Earning around 900 euros a month

The “mentor” Sauliete herself serves well – she regularly rejoices at the success of the company’s Russian website, where “networkers” are honored with peculiar names – diamond of the month and the like. Sunset in the house is almost everything from this network. The lady is reluctant to disclose her income, but her colleagues say that the amount she has had to invest in participating in the pyramid has justified herself. “Without Taboo”, one participant has named the amount of 900 euros he receives for diligent distribution of powders.

A fitness trainer with a harsh view appears on the stage

Coach Juta Valdmane, who has had experience with “NL” network marketing, reacted to what was happening. She once believed in these miracle cures and spent as much as 500 euros, supporting “millionaires” never seen before in Russia. They have worked well as slimming products, but the weight has returned. Valdmane recommends women to buy a lean salad and eat at least something, rather than believe in the power of powders, because the weight will return when you stop using them. “It’s a nominal pyramid scheme. You buy like fools, then the girls who got involved make money with it, and then you get people involved. It’s as far away as profit – as far as the Moon,” in his “instastory.” expresses the coach. He also called on the mentor to go to “normal work”.

But here Sauliete did not owe an answer, who said that Valdmane had such bile because she had not managed to make a profit in this business. What’s more, Sauliete publicly called her opponents an “artificially inflated doll”, blaming Valdmane’s silicone breasts. Sauliete also notes that “NL” has already earned “mersi” for its activities, as well as will travel to Bali in April.

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