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Sharjah Authorities Waive Fees and Provide Relief Amid Heavy Rain and Floods

Sharjah: Unsettled weather and heavy rain bring relief to Sharjah authorities with documents. Heavy rains and floods wreak havoc in many parts of the emirate. All history reported in last week’s rain The main conclusion was that the violations were also canceled.

The Chief of Sharjah Police in Major General Saif Zari Al Sham Cyan has changed this. Officials said that the decision was made considering the unusual circumstances.

Also, damage to vehicles It was also decided to waive the certificate fee. This decision to make the certificate free for all It is an action that brings great relief to Ravdhiper.

Apply for this through the Sharjah Police app and website. to fill the vacancies Major General Al Shamsi said that they are working with Kaluma At the same time, to coordinate relief efforts in the Social Services Department of the emirate of Sharjah to provide targeted grants Constitution was special preparation for that day.

‘Aman Safety Network’ to be provided The constitution was created in the name. Individuals and groups can make donations. Money to the bank account of the Department of Social Services at +971501088884 Donations can also be made by contacting Ril.

Food, Clothing, Furniture, Electronics Appliances are also available for donation. Social media to help everyone affected by bad weather Al Marri, Head of the Research Department said.

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2024-04-23 01:46:00

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