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“Shane Gillis Returns to ‘Saturday Night Live’ as Host, Addressing Controversial Past”

Shane Gillis Returns to ‘Saturday Night Live’ as Host, Addressing Controversial Past

In a surprising turn of events, comedian Shane Gillis made his return to “Saturday Night Live” as the host, acknowledging the controversy that led to his departure from the show in 2019. Gillis wasted no time in addressing the elephant in the room, stating, “Yep, I’m here. I was fired from this show a while ago, but don’t look that up, please.”

The controversy surrounding Gillis arose when clips surfaced of him using racial slurs and mocking Chinese accents. As a result, he was dropped from the cast of SNL. However, since then, Gillis has managed to rise through the comedy ranks. His podcast, “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” has gained a significant following with over 80,000 paid listeners on Patreon. He has also released two comedy specials, embarked on a successful nationwide tour, and recently partnered with Bud Light.

During his monologue, Gillis urged the audience to leave his past jokes behind, pleading, “Please don’t Google that. It’s fine. Don’t even worry about it.” However, his new material did not shy away from controversy either.

Gillis began by reminiscing about his childhood and shared an anecdote about his mother asking him when they stopped being best friends. He then posed a question to the audience, saying, “Remember when you were gay? Remember when you were just a gay little boy?” His humor pushed boundaries as he explored the dynamics of relationships and growing up.

Acknowledging the discomfort in the room, Gillis admitted that he didn’t have any material suitable for television. Nevertheless, he continued with his routine, delving into a scenario involving his niece with Down syndrome and her three adopted Black siblings. He described a situation where a White child taunts his niece using an outdated term for individuals with mental disabilities. In response, Gillis humorously imagined the Black siblings coming to her defense, resulting in a comical altercation.

Throughout the show, Gillis took the lead in various skits, including a trailer for the fictional film “White Men Can Trump.” In this skit, he showcased his impersonation of Donald Trump, going head-to-head with James Austin Johnson’s acclaimed caricature. Gillis donned gold Trump sneakers, transforming into an orange-tinted blowhard who could manipulate people’s perceptions. The skit was filled with witty banter and humorous exchanges between the two Trump impersonators.

Gillis’ return to “Saturday Night Live” was met with mixed reactions. While some appreciated his unapologetic and boundary-pushing humor, others criticized him for his past controversial remarks. Regardless, Gillis proved that he still had comedic talent and the ability to entertain audiences.

As the show came to a close, Gillis and Johnson, portraying the actual Trump, shared a moment on stage. Johnson told Gillis, “The real magic has been inside of you all along.” Gillis, remaining in character, retorted, “Wrong. It comes from the shoes, and you’re coming off as very stupid and frankly quite rude walking in here like this.”

Shane Gillis’ return to “Saturday Night Live” marked a significant moment in his career. While he addressed his controversial past, he also showcased his comedic prowess and ability to captivate an audience. Whether or not his humor aligns with everyone’s taste, there’s no denying that Gillis has made a lasting impression on the comedy world.


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