“Shame, you always protest”; “Have you lost and you make me moral?” – Corriere.it

from Monica Scozzafava

Exchange of views in the post-match Napoli-Juventus: Max complains about his colleague’s attitude on the bench. Who replies: “I’ve always lost with you and I’ve always come to greet you”

The smile a Massimiliano Allegri it almost never fails. Nevertheless the exchange of views with SpallettAt the end of the game he raised the tension even more: Max complained about his colleague’s attitude on the bench: “You must be ashamed – he told him when the Napoli coach went to greet him -, you protested the whole game “. Spalletti, however, hastily replied: «What are you saying? I have always lost with you and have always come to greet you, and now you make me moral ?! ».

The Tuscan guest lets it go and faces the cameras. Despite such a poor ranking, he tries to see the glass half full: «The championship is long, I have seen giant steps compared to the match against Empoli, but obviously it is a time when it goes wrong. It happens that an unfavorable episode changes the inertia of the match, everything was put to the best then we scored alone. Sorry, but now we have to think about the match on Tuesday. I have lived through worse situations ». Does not do dramas about Szczesny’s mistakerather try to give him courage. «He is our starting goalkeeper and will continue to be, I am not afraid of any psychological repercussions. We are professionals ». Giorgio Chiellini he does not betray his realism: «We contained Napoli in the defensive phase, and it is a fact. However, we had many absentees and even if those who replaced them did well, it is not the same ».

Luciano Spalletti holds the scepter at the Maradona stadium. The most important victory for his huge crowd of fans makes him proud, but he is used to keeping the bar straight. He focuses on balance and above all he does not attribute the merits that De Laurentiis has just recognized on TV. «You can say or motivate as long as you want – he says – but then what matters are the reactions. And my players have been really good. We are happy because the pressure was so great, the mistakes were probably decisive. It was not a clear victory, but we fully deserved it with our will ». Another victory of character that arrives at the photo finish and delivers the man-of-the-match award to Koulibaly. «Kalidou is a step ahead of everyone – adds Spalletti – he is the team commander. I have already said that I would like everyone to have a piece of Koulibaly ». The Senegalese defender after the goal cheered with a camera, looked towards the corner and immortalized the moment. “The victory is for our audience – he says at the end of the game – and I wanted to stop time for a few moments”. Napoli from the Scudetto? «Too early, mentality means looking at ourselves and trying to give our best». The Napoli dressing room is celebrating, De Laurentiis is also added to the group. Praise goes to Spalletti: «I chose him because he manages things with simplicity and firmness. Accept the comparison ». The thought of Thursday’s match against Leicester with the knot of quarantine: “We hope that the British government is convinced, going there without a goalkeeper and without Osimhen would be penalizing”.

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